Is Visiting Phillip Island worth it?

Simple answer – yes. Especially when you aren’t the one driving!

There is a reason why this island getaway has been a favoured holiday spot for both locals and visitors alike for decades now. Whether you are looking for a plethora of natural beauty, engaging attractions, unique wildlife, chilled sea-side villages, culinary delights, delicious drops of wine, golden sandy beaches, or of course the Little Penguin – Phillip Island has it all, and will continue to hold a special place in your memory long after you depart.

Group on the Phillip Island Tour

Getting Here – Phillip Island

Phillip Island is close enough to Melbourne where you can easily achieve visiting Phillip Island within the day. Yet far enough away, where you’ll get a true taste for regional Victorian life and be able to immerse yourself into an authentic coastal experience.
Approximately 90 minutes by car – or 2 hours, with a stop off for coffee at one of the many nice little coffee stops that dots the highway – the journey down to “the Island” is one that is blessed with beautiful views of both native bushland, and the far horizons of Westernport bay, with French Island and Phillip Island emerging in its waters.

Unfortunately, there is no rail line (anymore) that makes its way near Phillip Island – however, there is a V-Line Bus Service (departing from Southern Cross Station, Melbourne) that does make the journey once a day.

Otherwise, a Winery & Penguin Parade Tour with Tour Local will depart the Melbourne Arts centre every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, at 11.30am (Summer) and 10.30am (Winter) – having you back in Melbourne by close to Midnight.

Getting Around – Phillip Island

If you find yourself on the Island, don’t expect too many public transport options (or even options in general) to get you around!
There is a local bus company that operates a somewhat routine service around the Island and surrounds. There two taxi companies, that are reliable. Or if you had your own car there, then don’t worry, there are plenty of sealed roads to get you from place to place.

Alternatively, at Tour Local we offer a local pickup from Phillip Island and San Remo accommodation locations, so you can join us on tour with ease.
Just let us know where you are staying, and we’ll pick you up on our way onto the Island.

Three women cheers at the Nobbies during the Phillip Island Tour

What to do once you’re on Phillip Island

Well, this is where the fun starts – there is truly something for everybody when visiting Phillip Island…and we are all here for it!
Depending on how much time you have to spend here, will determine just what you get to see and do – but if a day is all you have, then here are the essentials!

  1. Visit a Beach
    Phillip Island is home to some of the best beaches that the world has to offer – both surf and safety! From her crystal clear blue waters, to her golden sands, and rolling swells, you simply cant make your way to Phillip Island without at least getting your toes a little wet (maybe not in the winter).Some of our suggestions for beaches to visit are…

    Smiths Beach – for the surfers/bodyboarders
    Flynns Beach – for the sunsets
    Cowes Beach – for the family

  2. Taste the Food, Taste the Wine
    Whether you a dining at one of its many cute cafés overlooking the water, savouring some of the local produced wines, or of course, enjoying the delights of the fresh caught sea food straight from the bay – Phillip Island has plenty on offer when it comes to satisfying your taste buds.

    Some of our suggestions for food & wine venues to visit…
    Phillip Island Winery – great food, great wine…what more do we need to say
    Saltwater Phillip Island – stunning views across the famed bridge, and some great food to go with it
    San Remo Fisherman Co-Op- Just on the other side of the bridge…you’d be hard pressed to find a better fish and chip shop.

  3. Immerse into Nature
    You can’t really avoid this one…Phillip Island itself is essentially one big nature park.

    With no natural predators, and a local population that prides itself on sustaining the beautiful greenery that surrounds them – Phillip Island is a treasure trove of native flora and fauna.

    Some of our suggestions of some great nature spots
    Phillip Island Penguin Parade – a great place to come and watch the little Penguins do their thing after a hard day fishing at sea
    The Nobbies – take a walk along the boardwalk, where spectacular views await; see the penguins in their natural habitat; and admire the bird and seal life that call this place home
    Rhyll Inlet – a fantastic walk, that will have to relaxed, and feeling one with nature.

Phillip Island Penguin Parade