VIP Concerts & Events

Our VIP Outings and Events are your best way to witness the next amazing concert, musical, or act coming to Melbourne!
On our VIP Outings &  Events, you are picked up in one of our luxury buses (starting in the South East), you get to enjoy the journey in (drinks on board), enjoy a delicious dinner or meal prior to the show, and then of course enjoy the show itself in your amazing seat – all included!
We are so fortunate in this beautiful city of ours to have so many great performers – it would be a shame to miss out on them. This is why we make attending so easy, and so enjoyable.

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Standard Inclusions:

  • Entry Ticket to your Event of Choice – we only pick the best seats!
  • Delicious Lunch or Dinner – we understand that a well fed person is a happy person!
  • Drinks to get you ‘started’ – we get that yu don’t need to drink to have a good time…but it helps!
  • A luxury bus (and driver) to escort you on the day – this is where the fun begins with us!
  • The VIP Service – you won’t appreciate this fully until after the show, whilst everyone is scrambling for a Taxi, and you simply waltz straight onto our bus
  • Fully escorted by our Tour Local team – we are there to ensure everything goes smoothly for you!

Standard Pickups:

Our pickups are normally as follows (timings dependent on event)

  • Officer – Club Officer
  • Berwick – Berwick Springs Hotel

We can include other pickup locations if numbers and timings allow – please ask us about this. 
Click here to for information on Pickup Locations

Group Sizes

We tend to limit our VIP Event Outings to x24 people.
However, this can be dependent on the event.


We are WELL AWARE there are plenty of scam companies out there when it comes to this sort of thing – I know it’s hard to believe words of text on a screen, but you CAN trust us.
A few reasons why you can trust us…

  1. We have been doing this for 14 years now – you don’t get that far in this business without the trust of those who come on tour with you.
  2. We are a family run company based in Pakenham. You are welcome to come visit us whenever you please to ascertain that we are in fact real people.
  3. We are a recognised Group Ticket Distributor with both Ticketek and Ticketmaster and are on a first name basis with most of their people in their Groups Department.
  4. The day (or night) will come, and you will be so caught up in all the fun you area having, that you’ll will laugh at the fact that you ever even remotely thought that you couldn’t trust us or what we do.

We no longer provide paper-copies of your tickets prior to the day of travel. We used to do this, however, we ran in to trouble with people losing the tickets, on selling the tickets, forgetting the tickets etc.
You can rest assured they will be in safe keeping with us, and that we will give them to you first thing on the bus!

You will get a full confirmation, and your VIP Ticket from us upon booking though – so you won’t be left empty handed.

This can differ slightly from event to event. However, on most all of our VIP Outings, we include

  • Your Entry Ticket to your chose show/event/concert
  • Pickup & Return on our Luxury Bus from a nominated location
  • Drinks & Fun on the journey in
  • A pre-show dinner, usually buffet style

For most of our VIP Outings, we have 2 definite pickup locations
Officer- Club Officer
Berwick – Berwick Springs Hotel

However, on each individual event, we may add additional pickup locations depending on the event, and whether we have larger numbers coming out of other locations as well

Please check your desired Events Details for our seating map. 

We only look to get the best seats, whilst still making this an affordable night out!
This generally means that we are leaving the “Platinum Seats”, and claiming the Gold, or sometimes Silver seats.
This means that you are still getting a great view, in a great seat, whilst not having to take our a second mortgage in order to do so.

Yes of course – we can cater for all common allergies & dietary requests.
All we ask is that you let us know of these upon booking or PRIOR TO THE DAY OF TOUR so we can ensure we have time to prepare.