Fire Relief Tours


We have been looking for ways in which we can assist in giving to these areas and these people that have been (and continue to be) so horribly effected by these devastating fires!
Like many, we have donated water, donated money, and donated our time in the hopes of bringing some slight relief to these people and their home towns.

But now we are looking to directly assist them by travelling into these areas to give our money, our support, and our patronage DIRECTLY to the people who need it the most!

We must stress, as with anything we do, that our NUMBER ONE priority will continue to remain safety!
Safety for our passengers, for our team, and safety for those around us.
Which means, that we will in no way be heading near any area with any sort of emergency warning in place.
Nor will we look to travel to an area where we fear we may be in the way of emergency/clean up crews, whose hard work continues to be appreciated by all of us back here, safely away from the fires.
As these towns, these people, and their respective business' literally rise from the ashes, it goes without saying that these places won't be the same as they were before the fires went through.
Which is why we ask for your patience and your understanding in that our itineraries won't be planned to the exact minute, and our inclusions, in terms of where we go and what we do, will not necessarily be guaranteed.
Rest assured though, we will be heading down to these places personally before these tours, so that we can meet with the locals there, and ascertain from them that they are ready and willing to receive tour groups through.

What we can guarantee is that we will spend AS MUCH TIME as we can, visiting AS MANY SMALL TOWN SHOPS as we can, to ensure that YOU have any much time as you need to give and support these people and these towns  - whilst still having an enjoyable holiday of course!

We always love travelling in our own backyard. Even scarred and battered, Victoria is a beautiful state,  so what better time to see this amazing land, and experience all it has to offer, than right now, when our people need us the most!

Fire Relief Tours


East Gippsland

Kangaroo Island

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